Common Cause and many renowned citizens have filed a PIL challenging the arbitrary appointments of India's new Central Vigilance Commissioner and the Vigilance Commissioner as illegal and void, and violative of the principles of 'impeccable integrity' and 'institutional integrity' laid down by the Apex Court in the landmark Vineet Narain Vs Union of India case of 1998.

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January-March, 2017

Apr 27, 2017
                                                                                                                             JOURNAL PDF ... Read More

Conditional State Funding of Elections

Apr 28, 2017
MOTHER OF ALL CHALLENGES When India won freedom in 1947, many Western pundits professed that either democracy will die out or the country will disintegrate. Their doubts returned with every famine, upheaval or catastrophe. But we routinely overcame all our troubles and the democracy not just survived, it thrived. A big part of our self-belief comes from the structures we built– like an ever-evolving apparatus of holding elections, our trademark federalism where centre-state relations a... Read More

Lessons From Global Experiences

Apr 28, 2017
CAN INDIA LEARN FROM OTHERS?                                                                       Dr Niranjan Sahoo and Rajendran Nair Karakulam* Democracy costs a lot of money. To fight elections and to run routine political activities, parties and candidates seek donations from all possible sources including illegal ... Read More

Political Parties And Public Funding

Apr 29, 2017
Ensuring a Cleaner Polity                                                                                  M. V. Rajeev Gowda and Varun Santhosh* Efforts to reform and improve India's electoral processes must build on some central axioms. Healthy democracies require vibrant political pa... Read More

Who Should Pay For Elections?

Apr 29, 2017
The Debate Continues                                                                                                             Anumeha* In India, there is no direct state funding though the political parties enjoy certain in... Read More

Challenges In Campaign Finance

Apr 29, 2017
Setting the Agenda for Ensuring Transparency                                                                                                          Maj. Gen. (Retd.) Anil Verma* Elections in India are a hugely expensive affair.... Read More

Book Review

May 01, 2017
                                                                                                              Shambhu Ghatak* An Alternative Philosophy of Development: From Economism to Human Well-being Author: Birendra... Read More

Use Of Infotech In Transparency

May 01, 2017
ICT AND INDIAN ELECTIONS                                                                                            Gurumurthy Kasinathan (Guru)* “Increasing cost of elections leads to unethical, illegal and even mafia provided electoral funding, corruption, c... Read More

Common Cause Updates

May 01, 2017
Supreme Court: Previous Interventions: Challenging the Ad-hocism in the Appointment and Functioning of the CBI Director: Common Cause had filed a petition in the Supreme Court praying for issuance of an appropriate writ directing the Union of India to appoint a regular director of CBI as per procedure established by law and for quashing the appointment of the interim/acting director. The petition pointed out that even though the central government was fully aware that the Director CBI Anil... Read More