The stigma of corruption of our country stinks. It is spoiling the image of our democratic functioning. This country, of vast heritage of culture and history, is besmirched by being rated among the most corrupt countries of the world. This rating is done by the known organization Transparency International. According to the latest rating done by this organization India’s position has gone down to 90 from previous position 72 among the countries surveyed this time. This is a matter of great shame for our country.

This ugly manifestation of corruption prevails everywhere. One meets it at every stage in day to day life. There is petty corruption where small bribes become normal routine for, say, getting railway ticket, or getting out of traffic violation, or getting out-of-turn favour. In financial term this petty corruption is flea-bite, compared to the corruption at higher levels which involves massive amounts and kickbacks taking place on every occasion where administrative policies are modified to suit vested interests. Bribes inevitably involve black money. Estimates are that as much as 40 percent of India’s economy involves black money transactions. Private companies of our country are reported to 1.25 percent of India’s GDP, to Government contracts. This is among the findings which formed the basis of the latest rating of corruption perception Index by Transparency International