After twenty six years of advocacy of public causes and striving for redress of the problems of the people, COMMON CAUSE today finds itself face to face with new challenges and opportunities. The first generation of its leaders conceived and concretized the idea of an independent platform for ventilating common problems of the people and made it a force to reckon with through its dogged pursuit of vital public causes and skillful use of the newly fashioned instrument of public interest litigation. That generation of stalwarts has passed away, handing over its mantle to a collective leadership. The changing perceptions and attitudes concerning the scope of PIL and the locus standi of civil society have likewise necessitated the development of new strategies and tactics for achieving the desired ends. The citizenry, empowered by the Right to Information Act, is better equipped today to claim its entitlements from the State. The conjuncture demands that new alliances be forged with public spirited individuals and voluntary bodies in order to enhance the reach and effectiveness of civic action.

It was in this context that the Governing Council of COMMON CAUSE Society, in its last meeting held on March 8, 2007, enunciated a statement of Vision, Mission and Objectives to serve as guide and reference point for future action. The Statement, reproduced overleaf, was endorsed by the General Body of the Society in its annual meeting held on March 24, 2007.