After more than six decades of Independence, the people of India are getting increasingly impatient for good governance, without which the objective of all round socio-economic development cannot be realized. They will not be satisfied with mere affirmations of commitment to governance reforms made by political parties in their election manifestos and the declarations of intent made by governments on assumption of office. The recent Lok Sabha elections have shown that even a modest investment in good governance can yield a rich electoral dividend. One may hope that the governments of the day will now show a greater determination to undertake substantial governance reforms.

Against this backdrop, Common Cause has taken the initiative to organize a series of three seminars on governance reforms in collaboration with India International Centre. The theme of the first of these seminars, which was held on July 4, 2009, was “Making our Police Effective & People-friendly”. This special issue of COMMON CAUSE is an attempt to share the deliberations of the seminar with the members of the Society and solicit their support to the cause of police reforms.