One comes across all sorts of news. This happens everywhere, in every country, in every part of a country. News are of various types, of different qualities, relating to different happenings.

There are news that are pleasant; they are welcome; they are heartening. Contrary-wise, there are news that are unpleasant, news that hurt, news that are heart-rending and heart-breaking, and sadly there are news that can only be described as news that bleed, that cause intense agony and pain. While in our country there are occasions and news that savour of welcome happenings and enjoyment, and news of festivities, of joy, of achievements, welcome and entertaining, for individuals, families and gatherings. There are unfortunately every day occasions when one comes across news that cause anguish and intense pain. In the present recount we will focus only on the sad news and painful news, for the specific objective of waking up people about their happening, about how they can be minimised, by joint efforts of the people, administrative machinery and effective governance.