Prakash Singh has been a very distinguished police officer of India with an excellent track record for combating terrorism in the turbulent parts of the country. He served – and occupied the highest positions – in the most volatile areas of Nagaland, Assam, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir. The Government of India, in recognition of his contribution to national security, awarded him the ‘Padmashri’ in 1991,

An expert on internal security, Singh has given lectures all over the world in Universities, Think Tanks, Police Institutes, Defense Colleges and international seminars. A prolific writer, Prakash Singh has written several (5) books and contributed more than 250 articles to the editorial and op-ed pages of national newspapers and magazines / journals.

Singh was Police Chief of two of the largest states of India – Uttar Pradesh and Assam. He also commanded India’s premier paramilitary outfit, the Border Security Force.

Prakash Singh is also the architect of Police Reforms in the country.