Response to Draft Code on Wages (Central) Rules 2020

On August 20, 2020, Common Cause sent a representation to the Deputy Director, Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, on the Draft Code on Wages (Central) Rules 2020, which is aimed at providing the base and procedures to implement the Code on Wages, 2019. Our specific suggestions included:

  •  There should be of eight hours of work in a day and 48 hours in a week, as well as one or more intervals of rest which in total shall not exceed one hour daily
  • The number of work hours in a normal working day, including rest intervals, should not spread over more than 10 and ½ hours.
  • Rest day should be treated as leave with wages.
  •  To clarify whether there will be a national level floor wage or state level variations.
  • Clarity on methodology used to determine the floor wage.
  • Representation of Trade Unions in the floor wage fixation committees.
  • Revisiting the criteria for determining wages as developed in the Raptakos Brett Case and the 15th International Labour Conference, as these norms were evolved decades ago.