W.P. (C) 204/2014
PIL on corruption in the management of Defence lands

The Comptroller & Auditor General of India has submitted a number of reports in the last few years, highlighting the massive irregularities and rank mismanagement noticed in the audit of defence lands. Common Cause and CPIL have filed the present Public Interest Litigation to seek the intervention of the Supreme Court to remedy this situation and protect the national patrimony constituted by the vast tracts of lands under the management of the Defence Ministry from further erosion. The petition seeks systemic reforms as well as Court-monitored CBI investigation into the illegalities and irregularities in the management of defence lands. It prays for constitution of an independent task force for comprehensive audit of defence lands, recovery of defence lands under encroachment and reparation of losses occasioned to public exchequer on account of their unauthorized and commercial use, appointment of an expert committee for recommending systemic reform in management of defence lands and direction to UOI to take over defence land being commercially exploited or under unauthorized use of private parties and ensure that the revenue generated from such use is accounted to the consolidated funds of India.

The Union of India has filed its additional affidavit in the matter and a rejoinder was filed by the Society refuting the contentions in August 2015. 


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WP 204 of 2014
Order Jan 03, 2019