G. C. Katoch, Life Member No. TLR- 4227

I think it is remarkable how (unexpectedly) well COMMON CAUSE has continued to perform since the passing away of Founder Director H. D. Shourie first with late P. K. Dave and now with Director K. K. Jaswal at the helm.

Previously, the Common Cause quarterly magazine used to have a number of light-hearted or humorous anecdotes or snippets thrown in between solid articles, reproduction of writ petitions, etc. This served a serious purpose and we found it thoroughly enjoyable. Usually, there was also a summary mention of the aims and objectives of COMMON CAUSE and occasional `news' relating to organizational activities. All this seems to have been given up, making the magazine rather boring in its bald solemnity. The April June issue is wholly filled with reproduction of writ petitions and related articles on appointment of C&AG, delays in dispensation of justice and menace of road accidents. I would suggest that the editorial policy in this regard might be reviewed and the contents made more reader-friendly.

At times, it becomes necessary to omit some of the regular items, such as Updates, because of space constraints. On popular demand, the tradition of injecting a bit of humour in the journal is being revived forthwith to provide a welcome break from its `bald solemnity'.


C. L. Sud, Life Member no. TLR- 2140

Dear Brother, I am thankful to you for maintaining the standard and supply regularly to subscribers after the demise of Shri H. D. Shourie. The news was casually conveyed to me by Shri Shyam Sunder, President, Bharat Pensioners' Samaj, in a meeting at his relative's residence,…. that Shri Shourie was no more. It came to me as a bomb shell. I had known him since the Supreme Court judgment, a historic landmark judgment of 17-12-1982, D.S. Nakra & ors Vs. Union of India. This judgment, delivered by a full Bench of the Apex Court, benefited more than two million pensioners who had retired, including me, and found a place in the Guinness Book. I was in Chandigarh at that time and the daily Tribune mentioned Mr. H. D. Shourie, who had got this verdict in favour of pensioners who had retired prior to 1st April, 1979 .(Incidentally I retired on 10th October, 1973 …….date of birth 10-10-1915). I broke my journey in Delhi and accompanied by my cousin….called on Shri Shourie at a time when he was suffering from a nasty backache. He got up to greet me and was kind enough to give a copy of COMMON CAUSE containing the full text of the judgment which struck a deathly blow at the arbitrary & discriminatory order of the central Govt. Back in Calcutta, I became a life member of Common Cause. Thereafter, I developed a rapport with him and exchanged correspondence with him. I was struck by his gentleness and humility. He belonged to a rare breed of philanthropists who strive for the common man's cause.

I think that it is rightly said for this peerless gallant warrior that "Death is dead, not Mr. H. D. Shourie". He will always be in the grateful hearts of millions of beneficiaries like me till the end of life. Mr. Shourie is immortal.

I hereby extend my heartfelt sympathies to his family, his worthy sons and distinguished daughter. I am sorry, I could not write to them earlier because of the demise of my close friends and also of my son-in-law................I'm nearly 93 and have made many mistakes in this letter. I hope you won't mind.

With regards & best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

Dated: June 13, 2008. CHAMAN LAL SUD

It was a privilege to hear from Mr. Sud. In spite of his personal loss, he has found the motivation to write to us and encourage us to carry forward the work of Mr. H. D. Shourie. We were particularly touched by his reminiscences of Mr. Shourie and the depth of his feeling for him. We wish Mr. Sud a long, happy and active life.

- Editor

July-September, 2008