Response of Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi, the 3rd March, 2009

Please refer to your letter dated 11th February, 2009 addressed to Office of P.M., Government of India, on the subject mentioned above seeking information under RTI. This request of yours was forwarded by PMO to Secretary, DOPT vide their OM no RTI/316/2009-PMR dated 16th Feb 2009.

2. The undersigned as CPIO in AV Division of the Department of Personnel & Training is concerned with information sought under Part (a) and (c) of your letter. The information under Part (a) does not constitute information under Section 2 (f) of the RTI Act, as you have requested the CPIO to express and opinion on the reasons for Government of India still not ratifying the convention even though it has been signed three years ago on 9th December, 2005. You may however kindly note that the UNCAC requires state parties to bring the relevant domestic legislation in line with the provisions of UN Convention against Corruption before ratifying. The process of considering amendments to relevant acts/rules/regulations etc. administered by various department/ministries requires compliance of due legal and procedural process and involves consultations with various Ministries/ Departments administering the relevant acts, rules/regulations relating to Anti-corruption and other related issues. The process in this regard is presently on and Central Vigilance is one of the organization which is consulted.

3. In regard to Part (c) of the application, the undersigned as CPIO dealing with the issue of ratification of UN Convention against Corruption has not received any reminder from CVC. In any case as already stated CVC itself is one of the organization which is consulted in the matter.

4. In respect of information sought under Part (b) and (d), the undersigned is not the custodian of information requested therein. A copy of your application is being forwarded to Shri S.M. Brahme, Under Secretary, Department of Revenue for further necessary action.

July - September, 2009