"The Bill is no solution, it will satisfy only one section of the population"

V.C. Tandon, President, Delhi RWAs Joint Front

"The government should honour the court's orders. This is like putting a stay on their order. This is unjust. The government wants to encourage all law-breakers".

U.N. Kohal of Green Park Extn RWA

"The moratorium would only give people more time to indulge in illegal activity. They are putting a moratorium but there is no plan."

R.K. Roy, Secretary, EPDP Assn. C.R. Park

"The Bill will bring the government in direct confrontation with the courts and result in a constitutional crisis. The Bill is a step back and will set a bad example. We hope that the Supreme Court will declare the bill illegal".

Pankaj Agarwal of Safdarjang Enclave RWA

"Merely a bill seeking as a one-year moratorium on sealing of shops is not enough. A special task force should be formed comprising officials and traders that will work out the modalities for providing relief to us".

Praveen Khandelwal, Secy.Gen. Confederation of All India Traders.

"The government is fooling us. The bill is just a delayling tactic and will not provide any solution Why does the government want to wait for a year rather than implementing the new Master Plan now?"

Sandeep Davar, Federation of Rohini Traders Assn.

"We will have to move the court against the Bill because a court's order cannot be nullified by a Bill".

Anil Kapur, President, G.K.I RWA.

"We are discussing about applying for an injunction in the Supreme Court shortly. We have already met the President of India and requested him not to sign the bill".

M. K. Mohanty, President, Delhi Citizens' Front.

July-September 2006