We have nearly 3000 life members on our rolls, most of whom were enrolled during the 1980’s and the 1990’s. Apart from their addresses, we hardly have any personal information about them in our records. This does not make for an active engagement with our membership.

We have been making concerted efforts to create a life members’ database and since July 2007, all the issues of the journal have been carrying an appeal to our life members to furnish their personal data in line with the format prescribed for new members. It is also requested that in case a life member is no longer with us, the next of kin may please communicate his/her date of death to enable us to update our records.

The response to this repeated appeal has been very poor, with only 120 members bothering to furnish their personal data. Against this backdrop, we decided to undertake an exercise of verification in a few selected localities of New Delhi having a significant concentration of members. Our staff personally visited the recorded addresses of 248 life members in the localities of Vasant Vihar, West End, Shanti Niketan, Anand Niketan, Green Park, Hauz Khas and Som Vihar. In only 115 cases, could it be confirmed that the members were residing at their recorded addresses. It was also gathered that 64 of the remaining 133 members had expired; 25 had shifted without leaving a forwarding address, while 44 houses were found locked on the date of the visit.

This sample size is large enough to be considered representative. We are afraid that our actual membership is significantly smaller than what our records indicate. We are very keen to update our membership records so that we may have an active engagement with our members, involve them in the activities of the Society and benefit from their suggestions and inputs. Once again, we would request those life members, who have not furnished their updated personal data, kindly to complete the form on next page and mail it to us.

In case our life member is no longer with us or has shifted residence without leaving a forwarding address, the next of kin/new occupants of the house may kindly record this fact in the form on next
page and mail it to us.


1. Name ________________________________________________________________________
2. Life Membership No. ____________________________________________________________
3. Father’s Name: ________________________________________________________________
4. Mother’s Name ________________________________________________________________
5. Date of Birth__________________________________________________________________ :
6. Educational Qualifications: _______________________________________________________
7. Occupation: ___________________________________________________________________
8. Permanent Address: ____________________________________________________________
9. Contacts
(a) Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________________
(b) Email ID: ___________________________________________________________________
(c) Telephone Nos.: _____________________________________________________________
10. Next of Kin (Name & Address): ____________________________________________________
11. Your expectations from COMMON CAUSE (upto 40 words)
Place & Date: ______________________________________________________________________
Information to be furnished in case of cessation/suspension of membership
1. Name of informant
2. Relationship with the life member, if any
3. Reason for cessation/suspension of membership (death/whereabouts unknown)
4. Date of death/change of residence of life member


April – June, 2011