WP 423 of 2010
Cancellation of 2G Spectrum allocation

Summary :

Common Cause filed the petition in public interest seeking appropriate directions for cancellation of the entire allocation of 2G spectrum and telecom licenses issued by the Department of Telecommunications on the basis of two press releases issued on 10th January 2008. Allocation of precious 2G spectrum and licenses carried out by the DoT under its then Minister A. Raja was claimed to be marred by multiple illegalities, corruption and favoritism.  

The Supreme Court in its landmark judgement held that the licenses granted to the private respondents on or after 10 January 2008 and subsequent allocation of spectrum to the licensees were declared illegal and were quashed. However, it was made clear that the observations made in the judgment would not, in any manner, affect the pending investigation by the CBI, Directorate of Enforcement and others agencies or cause prejudice to those who were facing prosecution in the cases registered by the CBI and the Special Judge, CBI would decide the matter uninfluenced by this judgment.

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SC 11(2)