Common Cause believes that administrative reforms are essential for efficient management of India’s resources, fair and responsive policy-making, and a timely delivery of goods and services to citizens. Its biggest area of concern has been systemic transparency and accountability of government administration and participation of citizens in processes of decision making, particularly those affecting their lives and livelihoods.

Common Cause has always sought autonomy to institutions like the CBI, CVC and CAG and independence for investigating agencies from the political executive. It has been consistent in opposing interference in the autonomy of the CAG, whose reports on coal block and spectrum allocation exposed huge discrepancies in administrative decision making. It also works to strengthen institutions like the Lok Pal and Lok Ayukta and the idea of ombudsmen in different walks of life.

A number of interventions by way of Public Interest Litigations and Right to Information Applications have been made by Common Cause.

Challenging the Lokpal Search Committee Rules

Through a writ petition in the Supreme Court, Common Cause challenged the Lokpal Search Committee Rules, as the rules notified on January 17, 2014 undermined the independence of Lokpal by restricting the field of selection to handpicked nominees of the government. It gave .....

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